Jewelry been worn since ancient times.

By wearing jewelry, woman protects/shields herself and her female power.  If she made jewelry herself, it has strongest protective power of all, especially if woman used specific intention/manifestations while making it.  If woman creates jewelry herself for herself, thoughts and intentions she had during process will be sealed in it.  She will have a really powerful amulet of protection with this piece.Necklace with many beads, esp bright and colorful, empowers the energy of Venus in us.   Ideally, it is good to wear two pair of beaded necklaces at the same time – short ones for protection of the throat center,  Vishuddha chakra, and long ones for protection of the solar plexus center – Manipura chakra. They can also be worn on the level of the heart, which then protects the heart center, Anahata chakra. By wearing necklaces of different length we can harmonize all of them and ourselves.

Enhances wearer beauty, for self-expression.

Protects wearer (works as talisman/amulet).

Can help you feel Zen and closer to Earth.

Cleanse of accumulated negative energies.

Various types of jewelry are connected to specific parts of body.

Divine consciousness that is activated around the body where jewelry is worn, purifies/awakens chakra associated with that part of body. Example: heart chakra touched by wearing a necklace. Spiritual emotion towards the Divine is awaken.

By wearing various pieces of jewelry, dormant chakras get activated and assist in spiritual awakening process and many other health/soul benefits.

So many women today’s are out of touch with feminine energy.

Silver has Yin, female energy, associated with Moon.  Helps to multiply feminine energy, harmonizes and calms.

Gold has Yang, male energy, associated with Sun. Helps to stay grounded, attracts wealth as well as stability.

Gems are best f for women as they give power and protection straight from mother Earth.

You don’t choose gemstone/jewelry, it choses you.