Lela Lea Gems jewelry is handcrafted in sunny San Diego using 14KT/18KT vermeil/gold filled parts and precious and semi-precious Earth gems.  All stones are handpicked based on the intuition and feeling that designer, Valeria, receives from the stone and its beauty.

Valeria relocated to USA from Russia and comes from a family of geologists, with her mother collecting interesting and rare specimens during her geological expeditions. So growing up around crystals and minerals atop of shelves and playing with them was Valeria's first acquaintance with the Earth treasures and their vast variety.  She also loved visiting her mom in her lab where she studied minerals up close. 

Valeria draws her inspiration from her travels, Mother nature, world cultures and the Universe.  She always visualizing the spiritual impact and healing effect that a piece of jewelry will have on its wearer. She also believes that colors have a great impact on one's health and well being.  With colored gems being her true obsession, she believes in infusing them with positive intention and manifestation while producing each of her pieces.. Each piece becomes an amulet charged with healing vibes, purpose and protection for its wearer.

Valeria got her first degree in fine arts in Russia and her second degree in Product Design in USA, combining her knowlege and appreciation of arts and crafts into her jewelry. 

She wishes that more women would wear jewelry as they did in ancient times, getting closer to their true essense of being goddesses and in one with nature. She believes that  wearing gems connects you closer with the Earth, allowing you to appreciate its millions years heritage and express yourself as not one gem is alike, just like you are.